Delium warrants, to the original retail purchaser, that every tire purchased and used exclusively in North America is free from defect in material and workmanship for up to one (1) year from purchase date or until there is 50% serviceable original tread depth remaining on the tire.

The warranty does not apply to damage or defect caused by road hazards (such as bruises, cuts, or punctures), impact breaks, tire repairs, theft or vandalism, accidents, abusive or unusual operating conditions, fire and/or chemical corrosion; user errors, improper application, installation, maintenance or operation such as, but not limited to, under or over-inflation, excessive load, speed and inflation practices; improper sizing, wheel alignment, tire mounting or rim fit; bicycle mechanical problems (such as faulty, worn, or malfunctioning brakes).

Delium only condones the use of reputable liquid sealant with only Tubeless and Tubeless Ready tires.

Delium will replace the defective tire with a comparable new Delium brand tire.

To start the warranty replacement process, please email to warranty@deliumtires.com